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What are GPU Server?

GPU dedicated server, as its name suggests, comes equipped with robust graphics processor. Its phenomenal computing power can accelerate the parallel processing to a great extent. This makes the GPU dedicated server ideal for the tasks having heavy workloads and intensive computing requirements. In this technologically booming era, GPU servers are proving to be a big deal in the industries like deep learning, machine learning, architectural visualization, video processing, scientific computing, etc.


  • 2 x Intel Xeon Hexa Core Processor
  • 4 x NVIDIA Graphic Cards
  • upto 256GB RAM
  • upto 8TB Storage
  • Location India
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  • 2 x Intel Xeon Hexa Core Processor
  • 8 x NVIDIA Graphic Cards
  • upto 512GB RAM
  • upto 8TB Storage
  • Location India
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Use Cases


Creating 3D models or taking video transcoding to the next level

Deep Learning

Speed up the linear algebra calculations to train your models faster

Data Science

Solve complex molecular-modeling equations and perform compound calculations quickly

Artificial Intelligence

Efficient execution of complex algorithms, neural networks, soft computing techniques, etc.


Acceleration of data mining processes and speedy creation of mining pools

Facial Recognition

High parallel computational capabilities to run image processing task


99.99% Network Uptime

DDoS Protection

Enterprise Grade Servers

Tier III / Tier IV Datacenters

Frequently Asked Questions

In Cloud Servers, the website and applications are hosted on a virtual server instead of a physical server. Your data resides inside a virtual environment with your very own resources.

A Cloud Server functions parallel to any dedicated server imparting superior level of performance, security and control. Unlike the dedicated servers, Cloud Servers are scalable which means you can upgrade your resources at any point.